STKC 2553

ûЪ Siam Physics Congress 2010

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ѹ 25-27 չҤ 2553 Ҥԡ (Thai Physics Society) ѴҹЪԪҡ÷ҧԡ Siam Physics Congress Шӻբ鹷 ¤ ѧѴҭ » 2553 繡èѴ駷 5 ᡹ Physics for Creative Society ˹§ҹ͡ѹҾ

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ѡԨ 300-400 ѹ š¹ŧҹФӡѹͻշҹ Ǣ͡Ԩҡµԡԧɮ ʵ ͹о ʴʵ ԡЪҾ 繵 աùʹѧ ٻẺ 㹨ӹǹҹ ͡ҡѡԨ Ҩ йѡ֡Ңͧ ռǪҭ·ҹԹҧҨҡҧҹʹͼŧҹ 蹨ҡ Ѱԡ չ ѧ

㹤駹 ѡԨ¢ͧ ʷ. ӹǹ 20 ҹ ûЪ駹ʹͼŧҹԨ·ҧҹʹҺͺ ǹ˭ŧҹж١ʴҤ Nuclear and Radiation Physics and Applications (NU-RAD)


ªͼŧҹԨ¢ͧ ʷ.

  1. Jiraporn Promping, Comparisons of ITER Predictions using BALDUR and TASK codes
  2. Nitipon Noipow, The Application of Stable Isotopes on Geohydrology by Using a New Approach of Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer
  3. Boonsom Porntepkasemsan, Paralalytic Shellfish Posoning(PSP) Toxins in Stranded Southern Right Whales(Eubalaena australis) at Peninsula Valdes, Argentina
  4. Kantitha Srisuksawad, Ecological Risk Assessment of Metals in sediments of The Western Cost of Thailand after Tsunami 2004
  5. Roppon Picha, Simulations of Triangularity and Plasma Current Variations in ITER Tokamak
  6. Anan Omanee, Preliminary Study of the Bioaccumulation of Zn in Scleractinain Coral Acropora fomosa Using Zinc-65 as a Radiotracer
  7. Arporn Busamongkol, Elemental Determination of Seafood by Instrumeantal Neutron Activation Analysis
  8. Kasineeh Hemvichian, Preparation of Hydroxamic Acid Containing Cellulose Adsorbent by Radiation Induced Grafting
  9. Kiattipong Kamdee, Studying of the modern Carbon Content in Biobased Products by using Direct CO2 Absorption Method
  10. Kiattipong Kamdee, Development of the Direct CO2 Absorption Method for Radiocarbon Dating
  11. Kokiat Sukrod, Development of the profile Data Acquisition System for Neutron Computed Tomography for the Thai Research reactor TRR/M1
  12. Nipavan Poramatikul, Development of an Early Detection Method to Quantify Contaminated Sr-90 in Y-90 for Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
  13. Phachirarat Sola, Radioactivity Meter for Alpha and Beta Radiations
  14. Phiriyatorn Suwanmala, Cadmium Absorbent Prepared form Poly (Methyl Acrylate) Grafied Cassava Starch via Gamma Irradiation
  15. Pussadee Chuavkaew, Radiation Assessment form the Operation of Rare Earth Research and Development Project
  16. Ratchai Fungklin, Sensitivity of Neutron Imaging Plate to Neutrons and Gamma-Rays
  17. Uthaiwan Injarean, Separation of Y-Sr-Fe Mixtures Using Resins Impregnated with TBP-CMPO
  18. Valailak Phadvibula, Effect of Gamma Radiation on Silk Sericin Extraction
  19. Varunee Toeypho, Development of a Gamma Ray Measurement Techique for Radioactive Contamination in Scrap Metals
  20. Vorapot Permnamtip, Elemental Composition of Thai Vegetable by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
  21. Wichian Ratanatongchai, Measurement of Neutron and Gamma Radiation in Nuclear Research Reactor Neutron Beam Using Imaging Plate
  22. Wiranee Sriwiang, Performance of Impregnate Rare-Earth Resin to Indrease the Purity of Extracted Y-90
  23. Wuthichai Chantarachot, ?13C Determination of Carbonates Using Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer
  24. Pipat Pichestapong, Effect of Temperature and Concentration on Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis